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We are offering several Hawaiian Lomi Lomi introductory workshops in 2014, in Ventura, and Sacramento, California, as well as Level 1, 2, & 3 workshops and our 120 Hour Certification Course. We are Approved National CE Providers, and Certificates will be given after completion of each class. We also have workshops scheduled on Oahu in July and October, so please call, text, or email for the Hawaii Course Protocol, as it differs from the ones taught in California. Scroll down this page for descriptions of each course, and for information on our new OPEN ENROLLMENT PROGRAM *. EARN NATIONAL CE's and learn authentic Hawaiian Lomi Lomi with Tamara Mondragon, one of Auntie Margaret Machado's first 3 students!

NCBTMB approved provider # 451795-11

Join us for our next Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Level 1 and 2 Combination Workshop, Intensive Format, on May 28th through June 1st in Ventura, California. Receive a 20% discount when you pay for the class in full by May 26th. We are also offering an OPEN ENROLLMENT PROGRAM that allows you flexibility to complete our 120 hour Certification Course over a period of time that best suits your needs. You may come anytime that is the easiest and most financially friendly for you, even if it's during the middle or at the end of one of our classes, as we have teachers that will work with you privately to bring you up to the current Level that the class is studying.  Or bring your partner, friend, or even plan your family vacation around the Lomi Lomi training. Our mission continues to be to teach "The Loving Touch of Aloha" as Auntie Margaret would say, and to continue to transmit her pure, unconditional love to all of our students who sincerely desire to receive it. "Ohana, (family)first", is a major part of her teachings, so we encourage our students to include their family in the classroom when possible. There are wonderful places to hike, swim, ride bikes, and enjoy being outside in nature near all of our classroom locations, and we welcome babies, young children, and even your family pet to join us. Our April workshop included a student who was accompanied by her husband and 6 year old son, and the joy of her family experiencing Lomi Lomi for the first time was a heartfelt experience for all of us! So plan your classes anytime that works for you, and we will help you create the learning adventure of a lifetime!  


 Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Certification Courses, Summer 2014  7 Day Intensive Format


Location: Ventura, Ca August 1st-7th      August 22nd-27th

Certification Course:
Our Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Training Course, Intensive Format, is PERFECT FOR THE LONG DISTANCE STUDENT!
You will receive 30 CE’s per Level of training, for a total of 120 upon completion of the training course. Descriptions of each level may be found by scrolling down through this page. Students receive
 70 hours of classroom training, and complete 50 hours of home study which includes practical application. Please Call to register or to receive more information. We can assist you with camping information or a lodging discount at one of our local hotels that offer complimentary hot breakfast buffets, afternoon snacks and beverages, and beautiful ocean views if you study at our Ventura classroom that is located within walking distance to the Ventura pier, and downtown Ventura! 

Tuition: $1,800.00 with pre-registration and payment for course in full one week prior to start date, plus a materials fee of $100.00 for our 3 instructional DVD's and Workbook. ($1900.00); Tuition is $2300.00 if not paid in advance.
 (Materials Fee will be waived if student has proof of prior purchase of DVD collection.)
There is a $500.00 registration fee that is non`refundable, but may be applied to future classes with 7 day advance cancellation notice. The balance of $1800.00 is due on the first day of class, and is non refundable after the class starts, but may be applied to future workshops with proof of a valid reason for dropping out of the class.
Registration: Email Tamara at tamara@lomilomi.com or text/call her at 805-415-8543. for information and registration. Please scroll down for detailed descriptions of each level.




Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere
You will be taught privately by Tamara Conlan Mondragon, and you will be partnering with another certified Hawaiian Lomi Lomi instructor, in order to give and receive Lomi Lomi treatments with someone who is experienced in this authentic healing art and knows the correct protocol.

Create your own class in the location that you desire, and the dates and times of your choosing, within an 11 day time period.
This course is designed to meet your individual needs and is perfect for the long distance student!

Fee is $3600.00 plus travel expenses for Tamara and a second instructor if outside of Ventura County.
All class materials and the 3 DVD's are included in the fee. This is a rare opportunity to learn in the same manner of hands on apprenticeship that Tamara learned from her Kumu.

Hawaiian Healing Arts is now an NCBTMB CE APPROVED PROVIDER, #451795-11!


Minimum of 1, maximum of 6 students, and graduation in only 9 days from your start date!

Fee is $2200.00 plus $120.00 for class materials that include Levels 1, 2, & 3 INSTRUCTIONAL DVD's


Minimum of 6, maximum of 22 students, with graduation after completion of all four levels of training in a 4 month period.

You will learn Hawaiian Lomi Lomi from one of the few instructors that stays true to Aunty Magaret Machado's original teaching. If you want to learn Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, and receive proper training, you have come to the right place. We welcome your pure heart and dedication to learn a healing art that is much more than just another modality in the world of massage.

Tuition is $550.00 per Level or $1600.00 for the entire 4 month Certification Course, a savings of $600.00!

Please contact me to register for one of our courses.
I look forward to hearing from you soon. ALOHA from Tamara
Texting me personally is the fastest method of contact; at 805-415-8543, or email tamara@lomilomi.com 


We offer the following NCTMB Approved classes in addition to our Certification Workshops:

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Level 1
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Level 2
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Levell 3
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Level 4
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Advanced Bodywork Techniques
Hawaiian Cultural Practices
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Spa and Pohaku (Stone) Treatments
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Teachers Training Program Level 1
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Teachers Training Program Level 2
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Teachers Training Program Level 3
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Teachers Training Program Level 4
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Teachers Training Program Advanced Bodywork Techniques
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Teachers Training Program Hawaiian Cultural Practices
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Teachers Training Program Spa and Pohaku (Stone) Treatments



  • The true meaning of Aloha - "in the presence of the divine breath"
  • The historical applications and philosophy of lomilomi
  • The spiritual aspects of lomilomi, including Huna, the ancient tradition of Polynesia
  • Body mechanics that support career longevity
  • Breathing techniques to clear and restore energy
  • Release techniques for specific tension areas
  • 60 and 90 minute full body lomilomi sessions

Lomilomi is sure to become your most requested service, as clients experience the touch of the islands.



Level 1 Workshop
Introduction to the full body Hawaiian massage treatment. Learn how to find congested areas in the body and effectively release them using the four basic lomilomi strokes.
Integrate the unique spiritual aspects of the ancient Hawaiians in combination with hands on skills

Level 2 Workshop
Expand the basic four strokes with specific movements intended to release deep seated tension. Learn to recognize the difference between emotional and physical blockage. Introduction to the use of elbows & forearms to enhance the students healing skills. Breath work techniques are taught to clear and restore energy, in both the client and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Practitioner.

Level 3 Workshop
This level brings an entirely new focus to the lomilomi massage. Renowned sciatic, hamstring, I.T. band, and neck release movements are taught. Working exclusively on the side of the clients body, the students develop the ability to produce a profound sense of well being in the body, mind and spirit. One of the most treasured experiences of the lomilomi practitioner is the gift exchange of Aloha between healer and client.

Level 4 Workshop
The Level 4 Workshop focuses on designing a signature Lomi Lomi massage by working with with each student directly and weaving all 3 Levels together to create a personal protocol.



There are many people advertising instruction in Lomi Lomi, and it is wonderful when the traditional teachings of Aunty Margaret Machado are honored and shared, as that was her dream and intention. However there are some workshops that are being taught in a diluted and watered down format, with incorrect information, additional teachings and massage strokes and movements that are conjured up and passed off as the "real deal." They have absolutely nothing to do with what our Beloved Kumu actually taught. It is simply time to make a public statement that there are many workshops and classes being advertised as traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi that may not be. The internet has opened a window into a world that was originally only shared within the Hawaiian family for a reason, and yet our beloved Kumu felt called to share it with the world due to it's powerful healing touch. I am honoring her calling, and also her teaching to focus only on "whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." That teaching forbids me to even think on anything that is the opposite of what I learned. Auntie Margaret taught me how to focus on good things, and she taught me how to keep my intention clear and pure, and she taught me the art of ho'oponopono, because she knew the impossibility of keeping my intention focused 24 hours a day. This healing art is a gift that I practice every day so that I forgive myself and others before the sun sets each day and thus begin a new day with a new intention. Many of my students have requested that I speak out about the current state of affairs regarding Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, so I have risen to their challenge and I am at the beginning stages of developing a non profit foundation for the sole purpose of supporting the true teaching of my Kumu, and for my students, who are also in her lineage. Many of them are Hawaiian at Heart, and Aunty Margaret said that "GOD TOLD HER TO TEACH STUDENTS WHO WERE NOT NECESSARILY HAWAIIAN BY BIRTH, BUT HAWAIIAN AT HEART."  PLEASE SIMPLY CHECK OUT THE CREDENTIALS OF YOUR TEACHER, AND PRAY FOR DIVINE GUIDANCE TO FIND THE RIGHT ONE FOR YOUR HIGHEST GOOD.
MAHALO, Tamara Conlan Mondragon, Founder of Hawaiian Healing Arts


A little background

Tamara Conlan Mondragon began practicing Hawaiian Lomi Lomi in 1972 when her apprenticeship started with native Hawaiian healer Margaret Machado or "Auntie Margaret," as she is lovingly referred to by her students. Since then, Tamara has shared this healing art with people from all walks of life, including the (formerly) Los Angeles Raiders football team. In 1984 she became a certified Hawaiian Lomi Lomi instructor after asking for and receiving her Kumu Auntie Margaret's permission and blessing to teach the original knowledge that she passed down to her in her lineage.

Auntie Margaret eventually opened the first Hawaii state licensed school that operated specifically to teach Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. Tamara still has the original copy of The Theory and Practice of Body Massage, published in 1969, that Auntie gave her and used as a textbook for instruction in anatomy and physiology. In 1974 Auntie breathed the Ha breath on Tamara upon completion of her apprenticeship, and told her that it was time for her to fly to Oahu and take the Hawaii State Board of Massage examination. When Tamara protested, Auntie told her that her destiny was to spread this ancient healing art throughout the world and keep Auntie's family lineage of Lomi Lomi alive and pure. Tamara traveled from the Big Island to Oahu to honor her teachers request, and still has a framed copy of the original license granted to her in September of 1974 from the State Board of Massage in Hawaii. Now, in 2014,Tamara is still teaching and honoring requests to continue the legacy of her Kumu. Please visit Tamara's Bio page for more information.


Private Instruction Available all year
To be notified of additional workshops, or discuss a private workshop, please contact me.

Please note: Information detailed on this page is checked for accuracy, however please confirm dates, prices and venues.




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